Magic of this circle or Simple tips to organize a training in the shape of “Round Table”

Magic of this circle or Simple tips to organize a training in the shape of “Round Table” Specification

Magic of this circle or Simple tips to organize a training in the shape of “Round Table”

The lesson by means of a “round table” is most conveniently performed during the phase of generalization and consolidation associated with the product, because this formallows you to begin to see the subject under study into the basic system of knowledge about them, to show interdisciplinary connections. In addition, the lesson “round table” really helps to connect theory and training, to show the practical value of the obtained knowledge, abilities and habits.

A table that is round a form of arranging a discussion of a subject in which several points of view are initially set. The objective of the circular table is to recognize contradictions, compare various points of view and choose jobs and solutions that are appropriate to all participants.

Step 1. Choosing a subject for a table that is round

The most difficult phase of preparation for the course could be the selection of this issue:

  • First, the topic should initially assume the existence of different points of view on the question this is certainly same that is, be multivariate.
  • Secondly, this issue should be well studied.
  • Third, its desirable that the subject may be associated with the current, everyday activity, that is, it should be appropriate.

As an example, the subject in geography “Shape associated with the Earth” can not be employed for a table that is round in whatever way. Nevertheless the variation “Historical notions in regards to the shape of the Earth” is very suitable, as it permits to place forward different assumptions, to submit arguments in support of this or that variation, to correlate because of the state that is present of.

Usually, classes in the form of a “round table” are carried out in humanitarian subjects (literary works, history, social studies). Although this type may be used within the classes of math, chemistry, physics.

Types of subjects for circular table in various subjects

  • Mathematics. As an example, “Methods of multiplication of figures: old-fashioned and unusual”;
  • Chemistry. The classification of metal ores, the production of steel, cast iron, the environmental impact of metal processing, etc for example, the topic “Metallurgy”, where different groups can be given different tasks: what is metallurgy.
  • Physics. Theme “Alternative energy sources”.

Stage 2. planning pupils for participation in a table that is round

Spontaneously conduct of these a training is impossible. Therefore, it is recommended to advise students ahead of time, to generally share the maxims of arranging a conversation, in regards to the evaluation system. Consultations may be both group and specific (during the demand of pupils).

How exactly to organize a roundtable lesson in school? It is vital to talk about the after rules in preparation:

  • Laws (on time).
  • Mutual respect.
  • Inadmissibility of “transition to your individual.”
  • Speak one at a time.
  • Usually do not interrupt the speaker.
  • Earnestly engage, etc.

These guidelines can be developed by the young ones on their own, and the instructor can suggest also.

Assessment rules are laconism, reasoning, precision regarding the statement. It’s desirable to publish all of the rules on separate placards (panels) in order that they have been in front side for the eyes throughout the “round dining table”.


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